About us

The company was set up in 1947 for the production of semi-finished products in brass and aluminium. Aluminium processing was dropped in 1968 as part of a strategic move aimed at concentrating resources on the production of semi-finished products in brass, and the company soon became a key player in this sector.

These results were achieved thanks to a sustained programme of ongoing research in the area of systems engineering, aimed at attaining the highest level of product quality, flexibility and continuous control of the production cycle, together with comprehensive customer satisfaction and prompt delivery, all within a framework of care for the environment.

The company occupies a site extending over an area of 367.550 m² and includes a covered area of 159.750 m². It is equipped with continuous, semi-continuous and static casting plants; extrusion departments with high-tech, high-power presses; drawing departments for the production of bar and wire; and cold rolling departments.

By carrying out chemical analyses, mechanical and metallographical tests, and analytical checks of production in real time, the chemical laboratory assures the quality and reliability of the product at each stage in the production process.

The fume incinerators, water purification plants, sound proofing systems and other equipment that we have installed in order to comply with increasingly stringent legislation governing environmental protection and safety at work, mean that working conditions and care for the environment are now better than ever.